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10 Ways F.BLÜMLEIN Steam Oven Will Revolutionize Your Meals

Once you’ve experienced our F.BLÜMLEIN 10-in-1 Steam Convection Oven, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. It will transform the way you cook food and prepare meals. You see, it’s no ordinary oven. Its 10-in-1 design will save you time and effort, while making it easy to create dishes you never thought you could make at home.

  • 1. Its 10-in-1 Design Is Super-Versatile

  • One appliance, ten functions, maximum usability. With this amazing JU-3200 steam convection oven, you can cook with steam, convection, steam + convection (H-steam), grill/bake, or steam + convection + grill/bake (Combi), all using only one kitchen tool. You can also preheat, sterilize, ferment, defrost, and descale (clean), at the touch of a button.

    10 in 1 Kitchen Solution
  • 2. Make Healthier, Better-Tasting Meals for Your Family

  • Cooking with steam helps keep more vitamins and nutrients in your food while maintaining food’s original color, without using any additives or oil. Convection cooking is faster, more even, and is good for browning. Grilling and baking are known for providing flavorful results. You’ve not only got all those options here, but you can also multiply your cooking options with the H-steam (steam+convection) and Combi (steam+convection+grilling) functions. You have the perfect cooking methods for anything you want to make. 

  • 3. Prepare Dishes You’ve Only Dreamed About (And Eaten in Restaurants)

  • Your options are limitless. For starters, steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook vegetables while retaining their flavor, but the same is true of fish (even delicate dishes like scallops), ribs, or ground meats. The H-steam function is one of the healthiest ways to cook chicken, or beef when you want to keep it moist, and the same goes for breakfast potatoes, cake tops, and muffins. And you’ll want to use the Combi function to prepare a whole chicken or a turkey. But that’s just the start. You can use our helpful recipes (updated regularly on our website) to prepare more exotic dishes like fish tacos, shredded coconut ghoriba cookies, oven-fried chicken, baked salmon fillets, and chocolate baked glazed donuts. And if you’re a wings fan, you’ll love the results when you cook chicken wings and spicy wings with this steam convection oven.

    Steam Cooking is Healthier
  • 4. Don’t Just Reheat Leftovers, Rejuvenate Them

  • With this 10-in-1 marvel, you don’t just warm up leftovers, you restore them to just-made freshness with absolutely no worries about them becoming dried out. Rather, you’re able to maintain not only food’s vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, but also the original juiciness and flavor to make leftovers an anticipated event.

  • 5. Save Time with Faster Cook Times

  • When you’re able to complete your meal prep faster, you’ve got more time to spend with your family. That’s what you get with our steam convection oven. Our oven circulates air faster than traditional cooking methods, leading to quicker preheating and faster cooking, which in some instances means up to 40% shorter cooking times.

  • 6. Cook Multiple Dishes at Once Thanks to the Huge Capacity

  • You’ll hugely appreciate the family-sized, 15.2 inches long x 12 inches deep x 9.6 inches high, 1.14 cubic feet of space our steam convection oven gives you. It’s big enough to cook an 18-pound turkey. It’s big enough to prepare a 12” pizza. And it’s big enough to cook a 4-course meal, all at once.

    Large Capacity for the Whole Family
  • 7. The Large LCD Screen and Multiple Presets Guarantee One-Touch Convenience

  • Fixing your favorite meals has never been so quick and easy. Whether you’re cooking with steam, convection cooking, grilling, baking, or using the multiple-cooking-method H-Steam and Combi modes, you’ll love the convenience of the LCD touch screen and the 35 pre-settings. 25 presets are already programmed in, and there are 10 more you can set yourself to cover family favorites. Want to steam asparagus? Press the A01 preset. Want to prepare fish fillets? Press the A11 preset. Want to cook a whole chicken? Press the B03 preset. Plus, it’s simple to set your own presets for your family’s favorite casserole, for example.

  • 8. Safety First! Advanced User Protection Keeps You, Your Family, and Your Cabinets Safe

  • Our 10-in-1 Steam Convection Oven boasts designed-in safety features. Exclusive Air-Plus Technology recycles heat, steam, and moisture completely sealing it inside during cooking, then vents only cool air from the top of the front panel protecting you and your cabinets. When you open the door, the oven turns off, then comes back on when you close the door. The stainless-steel outer panels are safe to touch, as it's the triple pane tempered glass door, which also lets you keep tabs on what’s cooking. If you’ve got youngsters around, engage the child safety lock to keep them from opening the door.

    Front Cooling Technology
  • 9. Save Space! Compact Size Looks Great in Your Kitchen

  • Our Steam Convection Oven not only consolidates the work of several appliances you will no longer need in your kitchen, but it looks good while doing it, with its gleaming black face and stainless-steel sides. At 22.9 inches wide x 18.9 inches deep x 17.9 inches high, it’s just barely larger than a conventional microwave and sits comfortably on your countertop. 

  • 10. Cleaning and Maintenance Is a Snap!

  • Under normal circumstances, cleaning is the only maintenance your 10-in-1 Steam Convection Oven will need. Food splatter clean-up is effortless with a simple wipe with a sponge or soft cloth. The upper heating element rotates down and away from the top when you need it to, and the drip tray under the oven door prevents overflow and splashes. All the racks and pans are dishwasher-safe. Additionally, the oven has a descaling mode that takes care of any mineral build-up from water that can occur during steam cooking, with an easy 3-step process.



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