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4 Tips to Use Your Steam Oven Better

Since many of our home chefs are new to steam ovens and still learning about them, we sat down and created some useful tips to make cooking easier with F.BLÜMLEIN JU-3200 steam ovens.

1. How do I find the Preheat (Grill) mode?

The JU-3200 steam oven provides 2 preheating options - Preheat (Steam) and Preheat (Grill). The temperature of the Preheat (Steam) mode ranges from 120 - 230 ℉, while the Preheat (Grill) mode ranges from 210 - 450 ℉.

You can find the Preheat (Grill) mode by entering the Oven Function screen and pressing the right arrow to select the Preheat mode. You’ll see the Preheat (Steam) mode first, which is the default function. To get to the Preheat (Grill) mode, press the right arrow again, and you’ll see the icon changes from the steam icon to the grill icon.

For more detailed instructions check out this video:

2. How do I check the oven temperature?

There’s no need to buy a separate oven thermometer. You can check your oven’s real-time temperature during cooking by pressing the Settings and the Oven Light buttons at the same time to display the temperature inside of your steam oven.

Check out the video below to learn more:

3. How do I set DIY recipes?

Sometimes we forget the exact time or temperature for cooking a dish. We’ve all been there. But now you can leave the hard work to your steam oven by creating and saving up to 10 recipes for later use, knowing you’ll get perfect results every time. With the DIY Recipe mode, you can save the time and temperature for your recipes and set up to 3 cooking stages in one recipe. You also have the freedom to select different cooking modes for each cooking stage.

Watch the video below to learn how to set up your DIY recipes in 2 minutes:

4. How do I keep my oven clean?

Under normal circumstances, cleaning is the only maintenance required for your steam oven. Besides wiping up spills and leftover water with a soft cloth after each use, you can also use the Sterilize mode and the Descale mode to clean your oven regularly.

  • Sterilize mode

This function can sterilize not only your dinnerware, cutlery, baby bottles, or other items, but also the interior of your oven. In addition, if there’s grease build-up in your oven, run this mode to soften it before cleaning. Don’t get burned, as the oven will be hot after sterilizing.

  • Descale mode

Water used during any steam mode may result in limescale or other build-up inside the oven steam lines. Once your steam oven has reached 100 hours of steam-related operation, the Descaling Reminder icon will appear on the panel and will stay on until the Descale mode has been run completely. Check out your manual to learn the whole descaling process on page 21.

If you have any other questions in terms of using your steam oven or if there’s any function you’d want to learn more about, comment below and let us know!

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