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Independence Day 2021: 5 Things to Do This July 4th

Independence Day 2021: 5 Things to Do This July 4th

This 4th of July 4, America is going to celebrate its 245th birthday. If you’re looking for things to do this weekend for Independence Day, check out our list of celebration ideas below:

1. Decorate Your Home

Independence Day decoration is easy as it requires only three colors - red, white, and blue. But still, there are so many different ways to decorate your home for the holiday. You can go simple and hang up an American flag on the porch, or you can spice up the atmosphere around your house with festive streamers and balloons.

Decorate Your Home for Independence Day

2. Bake Fourth of July Desserts

A celebration isn’t complete without mouthwatering sweet treats. Let’s bake up some festive desserts with the lovely red, white, and blue colors. If you’re looking for ideas, check out our delicious 4th of July Roll Cake recipe and give it a try!

Bake Fourth of July Desserts

3. Watch Fireworks

There’s no better way to end Independence Day than watching a firework display. This most iconic tradition started back in 1777 to celebrate the first anniversary of the holiday, and has been kept as part of the celebration ever since. This year, many cities and towns will have fireworks again, since the restrictions have been lifted. If you prefer to celebrate at home, you can still enjoy the fireworks show through a live stream. Whether you plan to watch in-person or online, don’t forget to mark down the time in advance so you don’t miss out.

Watch Independence Day Fireworks Show

4. Take a Patriotic Road Trip

Take this perfect chance to have a patriotic road trip with your families or friends. Wherever you are, there must be some historical sites or national landmarks nearby, such as a monument, a government building, or a museum where you can learn more about our nation’s heritage.

Take a Patriotic Road Trip

5. Attend Local Events

During the holiday, many cities and towns will have all kinds of events to celebrate Independence Day such as parades, concerts, or any variety of events. Check out your local news page or Chamber of Commerce to find celebration activities you’re interested in.

Attend Local Celebration Events

“People can celebrate the Fourth of July as long as they take the appropriate precautions,” Dr. Fauci said recently. As the pandemic continues, don’t forget to wear a mask and keep your social distance if you’re going out for celebrations. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday!

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