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Introducing: F.BLÜMLEIN Steam Ovens

What is a steam oven? For simplicity sake, it’s a kitchen appliance about the size of your microwave. F.BLÜMLEIN steam ovens have all the functionality of your traditional oven, but they also allow you to cook with the power of steam. 

Steam ovens work by heating water to 212 degrees until steam is created, then push the steam into the oven to cook your dish to perfection.  

Steam ovens can either be embedded into the wall or kitchen cabinet (like a microwave) or they can sit on your countertop. 

You may be thinking that 212 degree steam is not hot enough to cook meat, but consider this: it’s pretty easy to grab a tray of cookies out of a hot 400 degree oven, right? 

How easy is it to grab pasta noodles out of a pot of boiling water? You probably never even considered doing this because you know it would be an extremely painful experience. 

This is because liquid is a better conductor of heat than dry oven air, so steam cooking allows you to use a lower temperature and a moist environment to cook food thoroughly. 


This is part 1 (section 2) of a three part series on steam cooking. You can find section 1 here. If you want to learn more about the history and benefits of steam cooking, as well as some special features that F.BLÜMLEIN Steam Ovens use, simply enter your email address below and subscribe to us.