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What Makes F.BLÜMLEIN Steam Oven Stand Out?

If you’ve been researching steam ovens (which you probably were if you ended up reading this) you may have heard of the F.BLÜMLEIN Combi Steam Oven. 

We gave you many positives for cooking with steam ovens above, but there is one potential downside of using a steam oven compared to a traditional oven: it’s impossible to broil or brown the exterior of meat. 

Juicy, tender chicken breasts are fantastic in the steam oven, but they taste even better if they have a crisp, brown exterior to give a texture difference when you first bite in.

The top heating element

F.BLÜMLEIN Combi Steam Ovens solve the issue of crispy exteriors by adding a top heating element to our steam oven, just like you have in a normal oven. This allows you to combine the health benefits and juicy interiors only possible with a steam oven with the crisp, browned exteriors you love from cooking in a regular oven. 

The convection fan

To make the Combi Steam Oven even better, the F.BLÜMLEIN JU-3200 also has a convection fan that can be used at the same time as the steam and top heating element. When all three are used together in the Combi cooking mode, the convection fan helps circulate the steam and the heat from the top heating element to give an even crisper exterior without sacrificing any of the juiciness that results from cooking with steam.

The convection fan mode can also be used separately if you want to bake bread with a crisp crust on the top of the loaf.



This is part 3 (section 1) of a three part series on steam cooking. You can find part 1 and part 2 here.

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