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Pecan Crusted Baked Nuggets

Servings: 10-12 nuggets

Pecan Crusted Baked Nuggets Recipe


Preheat (Grilling)


2 chicken breast, boneless and skinless, 5-6 ounce each
1 cup pecan
½ cup All-purpose flour
1 tsp garlic powder
½ tsp Smoked paprika powder
1 egg
½ tsp onion powder
½ tsp dried parsley
Pinch of salt & pepper

Pecan Crusted Baked Nuggets Recipe


1. Preheat steam oven using Preheat (Grill) mode to 400°F. Line baking tray with silicone mat or parchment paper.

2. Cut chicken into bite size pieces or 2”x 2 ½” rectangles. Combine garlic powder, smoked paprika powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper in a small size bowl, mix well. Rub all sides of chicken chunks with ½ of the seasoning powder, save the other ½ for later. Set aside.

3. Add pecan into food processor with dried parsley and ½ of the remaining seasoning. Process until pecan turns into almond flour-like crumbs, do not over process it. Transfer to a medium size plate.

4. Add all-purpose flour to a different medium plate, and then crack egg to a small size bowl, beaten. So now you have 1 plate of all-purpose flour, 1 bowl of egg, and 1 plate of pecan crumbs.

5. Coat each chicken chunk into the flour, shaking off any excess. Then dip in egg and then roll the chunk in the pecan crumbs. Makes sure that crumbs stick to the chicken, then place them in the prepared baking tray.

6. Turn steam oven into Convection mode to 400°F. Bake nuggets for 10 minutes, turn each chicken nugget over then continue cooking for 7 minutes more.

Pecan Crusted Baked Nuggets Recipe


Enjoy with ketchup and/or hot sauce!

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