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What are the cooking area dimensions?
The cooking area measures 15.2'' W x 12'' D x 9.6'' H.
How much space do I need to embed the oven into a wall or cabinet?
To embed into a wall or cabinet you will need 22.9'’W x 18.9''D x 17.9'’H. Leave 2 inches of space on top and 1 inch of space on each side of the steam oven during installation to ensure adequate ventilation. Failure to do so may cause fire.
Does this oven come with any accessories?
Yes, each oven comes with a 15’’ x 12’’ x 1.6’’ steaming tray, a 15.15’’ x 14.17’’ x 1.42’’ baking tray and a 15’’ x 12’’ x 0.2’’ grilling rack. You can find extra accessories here:
Can you use a pizza stone? Which size?
You can use a 12 inch pizza stone for this oven.
How long is the power cord?
43’’ including the power plug.
Power Issue
Will this product work with 220V AC electricity?
This product works with 120V AC, 60Hz which is not suggested to use with conversion plug / transformer.
How much power does the JU3200 use?
1550 watts
Where does the steam or hot air go while cooking?
The front-cooling air exhaust system of this oven keeps your kitchen cool and comfortable. Steam and heat are recirculated inside the oven while cool air is removed and exhausted above the oven door to keep your walls and cabinets from getting damaged.
Heating Elements
Are the heating elements exposed or covered?
The top heating element is exposed while the bottom element is covered to allow for easier cleanup.