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JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven

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  • CUSTOMIZED COOKING: The top and bottom heating elements can independently be set to different temperatures.
  • BETTER REHEATING: Microwaved leftovers are never good. Reheating food in a steam oven makes leftovers taste like you just pulled it fresh from the oven.
  • HEALTHIER MEALS: Steam cooking preserves nutrients in food that are destroyed by frying, boiling, or microwaving.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: You can cook a whole 6 pound chicken, 12 inch pizza, 6 slices of toast, or 2 dozen chicken wings in the 0.9 cu. ft. cooking cavity. For reference, it's about as big as a your microwave.
  • USER FRIENDLY: The control panel is responsive to each press of your finger and each oven function has a separate button to start that mode.

JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven
JU-2500 Countertop Steam Oven

Multifunction Countertop Steam Oven

The F.BLÜMLEIN Steam Oven is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that makes cooking so much easier. Preheats and roasts faster than a traditional oven, easier to use than a steam pot, and higher quality reheating compared to a microwave: this steam oven can do it all!

Save time cooking meals and spend more time with your family. Save money on cabinets full of unused appliances by only buying one. Eat healthier by cooking with the powerful force of steam. These are just a few reasons why people around the world are hooked on the F.BLÜMLEIN JU-2500 Steam Toaster Oven.

Consistent, Even Cooking

The M-shaped heating elements apply consistent and wider heat to the entire cooking area so your food cooks evenly with a consistent browned exterior.

Automatic Fermentation

TThe moisture from the steam will keep your dough from drying out and ensure that your dough rises evenly before you form loaves and start baking.

Large Cooking Area

The large 0.9 cu. ft. (26 qt) interior is enough room to cook for the whole family. With three rack positions you can cook several dishes together to save time.

Easy Clean Interior

The stainless steel interior and removable inner parts allow you to easily wipe down the interior after each use to keep your oven sparkling clean.

True Steam Oven

Thanks to the built-in turbocharged steam direct injection system and dual steam generate holes, JU2500 delivers a great amount of steam directly that heats up faster and evenly provides steam 360° around the food. With the silicone rubber well-sealed double glass oven door, JU2500 performs well to lock the steam inside for the fantastic tender result of the food.

Water Tank for Steam function

37.2 oz (about 5 cups) large capacity water tank for functions working with steam. Differ from those toaster ovens with only 5cc water cup, our water tank allows you to steam for up to 180 minutes. Total steam time depends on which temperature setting is used.

Exhaust Vent on the Top of the Oven

Instead of venting on the sides which require more private space for the oven, the exhaust vent hole is on the top of this oven ( Circle 1 on the photo ) that you can put other appliance just beside it. But please kindly leave 8 inches of space on the top or you might need the extra exhaust tube to protect the cabinet.

Extra Optional Silicone Exhaust Tube (not included)

To solve the problem of the exhaust vent on the top of the oven which might not friendly enough for those users who want to put the oven in the cabinet, there will be an optional silicone exhaust tube available (not included in this product), if needed, please feel free to learn more here.




Overall Dimensions

Cooking Area



Extra Features


26QT@@ 19.8'' W x 14.3'' D x 13.7'' H@@ 13.4'' W x 11.8'' D x 9.1'' H@@ 105°F - 450°F@@ Broil, Bake, Lower-heat, Steam, Combi, Tender Roast, Fermentation, Defrost, Descale@@ Delayed Start, Different Temp. for Top and Bottom Heater@@ Vent on the Top of the Oven
34QT@@ 20.9'' W x 17.9'' D x 15.9'' H@@ 15.2''W x 12'' D x 9.6''H@@ 85°F - 450°F@@ Steam, H-steam, Grill, Convection, Combi, Preheat, Fermentation, Defrost, Descale@@ Sterilize, Convection Fan@@ Cooling System + Vent on the Front
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United States United States

True artisan baking is now possible

I must say that I really didn't need this steam oven as a replacement or as an addition to my rather long list of kitchen appliances. I was looking for something that would allow me to bake without the usual hacks. For many years, my basic setup for artisan bread was a simple dutch oven, and I was getting great results, or at least that's what I thought until tried the F.BLUMLEIN Countertop Steam Oven 26 Qt. I can honestly say that there was a definite improvement on the first boule I baked, including flavor. Everything from the blistering crust, to the ear and the belly, was a welcoming visual. And speaking of visuals, it sure is nice to see the bread as it bakes. I really love the proofing function. Reheating with the combi setting makes everything look and taste fresh again. And if you want something dry and crispy, don't use steam. I sous vide a lot of my proteins and this steam oven puts the finishing touch on everything from egg bites to chicken and steaks. No more searing torch, oven broiler, or grill to deal with. I read many reviews and comparisons and I must say that I am very happy with my purchase. When comparing, I think It's only fair to compare steam ovens with similar features and similar prices. If you do that, you'll realize that the F.BLUMLEIN Countertop Steam Oven 26 Qt is simply the best in class. There is such a thing as user error and lack of common sen, well, I'm not going to say it but there is a lack of it sometimes, and that's what I got from some of the negative reviews. Is this steam oven for everyone? no, it is not. Is it a high-tech appliance? depends. If you want full control over your cooking and better results, then this is for you, but you'll have to press more than one button. There is a bit of confusion as far as what is combi and what isn't. Simply put, combi means heat source and steam at the same time. And by the way, convection is more effective and much needed in large ovens. Convection in small countertop ovens is really not necessary unless they only have one heating element and you cook a lot of frozen foods. And so, I can only assume that the reason F.BLUMLEIN did not add the convection feature to the 26 qt model, is simply because it's not needed.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Very good steam oven

Excellent steam oven. Exceed my expectation. You can steam fish, spare ribs, and reheat leftover food. If you get the exhaust silicone tube from the seller's website, you can place the unit under a kitchen cabinet. Good quality, the interior of the oven and baking pans are made with good quality stainless steel. My only complaint is that it does not display the actual oven temperature. For $249 including a discount, you can't beat that price. I have used this oven for more than 1 month now. So far so good. The first complaint I have is that it does not display the actual temperature of the oven. The second complaint is that if you switch from one mode to another, you need to switch off the oven and start it again. But for the price and the quality, I will still give 5-star.

Danny C.
United States United States

It works very good

Ticson M.
United States United States

so far it is working well. would be helpful to have a comprehensive cooking chart

getting some loud noise inside the oven in steam and combi modes, hopefully it is normal

Ricky H.
United States United States

Good product

Great steam. only thing is that the bottom seems easy to get rusted, but it can be lift up to clean up, so that won't be a big problem.

  • Unit Measures: 19.8''W x 14.3''D x13.7''H
  • Cooking Area: 13.4''W x 11.8'' D x 9.1''H
  • Cord Length: 40'' (including the power plug)
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Temperatures: 105°F - 450°F
  • Timer: 0:01 - 23:59

F.BLÜMLEIN Offers 1 Year Limited Warranty for the ovens.
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What is covered?

F.BLÜMLEIN’s warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for a period of 1-year from date of purchase, subject to the following conditions and limitations:

1) This unit must be installed and operated at all times in accordance with the instructions furnished with the product. Any alteration, willful abuse, accident, or misuse of the product shall nullify this warranty.

2) This warranty is non-transferrable, and is made to the original owner, provided that the purchase was made through an authorized supplier of the manufacturer. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of part(s) found to be defective in material or workmanship, provided that such part(s) have been subjected to normal conditions of use and service, and after said defect is confirmed by the manufacturer’s inspection.

3) The manufacturer may, at its discretion, fully discharge all obligations with respect to this warranty by refunding the wholesale price of the defective part(s)

What is NOT covered?

1) Damage caused by the owner when attempting to fix or alter the product.

2) Damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, alterations, or unauthorized repair.

3) Natural depreciation.

How to request warranty services?

For warranty services, leave us a message online or email us at Our Customer Service Team will address your issue within 24 hours, usually sooner.

What will F.BLÜMLEIN do?

1) Repair the item.

2) Replace the item if not repairable.

3) Refund the item under certain circumstances.






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